AIC services help SMEs overcome the obstacles to growth of SME in Tanzania. The AIC  provides entrepreneurs with a  comprehensive set of services including business coaching;  market research, marketing and procurement facilitation; technology identification, technical training and access to processing technologies; and financial services.

AIC also offers innovative solutions to Dairy Sector in Tanzania.

AIC also offers innovative solutions to sunflower Sector in Tanzania.


Benefits from AIC

The AIC helps clients grow their businesses – profitably! 

It introduce clients to methods of better business organization, improved recordkeeping systems and financial management, and exposes clients to better ways of processing and establishing input supply contracts and to find better markets. Greater strategic thinking, technological upgrades, cost reduction, financial planning and linkages with banks, suppliers and markets are all standard support services.

How does the AIC benefit from the services it offers?

The AIC raises income from the growth of AIC clients by charging a percentage of the growth achieved. No growth = no charge, so AIC clients only pay when they have made more sales!

This agreement lasts for three years where after, all earnings belong to the client company. This is a contract between an AIC client and the AIC and it defines obligations and rights of the client and the services the AIC will provide during the 3 year period.

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